Cahute is a photo studio
dedicated to portrait photography on paper.
We believe in photograph as an object:
we make photographs that will last,
and can be passed on.

We use a large format camera that takes
8x10 inches images (20.32x25.40cm)

We photograph directly on paper, in black and white.
We do not use photoshop, nor film, nor filters.
We process our images in caffenol,
a mix of coffee, vitamin C and washing soda.

Due to this process and its imperfections,
each print we make is a unique, fully experimental artwork.
that we create together with you.

We work hard to make our process as eco-friendly as possible.

We use ISO 9001:2008, FSC-certified paper.
Our developer is 100% biodegradable.
Used fixer is collected and recycled
at a Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY) station.

One photo session costs 69€ for a one-person or a couple portrait
and 89€ for a 3-or-more-persons portrait. This includes a hand-stamped portrait
on Harman direct positive paper,
and a digital version of your photograph.

Sessions are by appointment.
You can reach us at contact@cahute.fi

Cahute is located in the historical
Pasilan Konepaja district,
in Helsinki, Finland.

We speak Finnish, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

All texts and images on this website are the sole property of Cahute
and cannot be reproduced without prior consent.
If you're interested in Caffenol you can come to our studio for a cup of coffee
or if it's a rainy day you can check up here.